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Barry Kornfeld is an accomplished Commercial Finance Consultant and Principal at Value Capital Funding.

Based out of Palm Beach, Florida, Commercial Finance Consultant and Principal at Value Capital Funding, Barry Kornfeld possesses over three decades of industry experience. Currently, he is working specifically on debt restructuring—helping small business owners keep the stores and services they’ve worked so hard to build. Rather than traditional debt solutions, debt restructuring allows business owners to regain control over their debt, rather than accrue more to cover themselves. Barry, who is himself a small business owner, feels honored to help these businesses get back on their feet.

When he isn’t working diligently for his clients, Barry can be found relaxing with his family. He, his wife, Ferne, and their two sons are all big fans of Miami Heat and other local sports teams. For years, they held season tickets and created lasting memories with one another at the games. They are also avid travelers who have been to dozens of countries.