Barry Kornfeld on The Best Marketing Tips for Mom and Pop Shops

Branding, marketing, and communication are all essential parts of a small business’s tool kit. This is how a company can stand out from the crowd. More importantly, it’s how a business ensures that potential customers know about them, remember them – and keep coming back.  Traditionally mom and pop stores may have relied on word of mouth,Continue reading “Barry Kornfeld on The Best Marketing Tips for Mom and Pop Shops”

Barry Kornfeld on Is Your Business’s Working Capital Management Efficient

Businesses rely on working capital management to ensure that operations are running efficiently. In other words, companies rely on established cash flow methods to ensure that monthly goals are kept in line. Given the importance of capital management, it is essential to ensure that their system is both strong and efficient. Failure to do so couldContinue reading “Barry Kornfeld on Is Your Business’s Working Capital Management Efficient”

Running a Successful Family Business

Years ago, family businesses were the backbone of this country. Nowadays, however, consumers are more drawn to corporations and commercialized companies. While this is a challenge for small businesses, it’s still possible to run a successful family business. Follow these simple tips for success: Open Communication In any business, no matter how big or small,Continue reading “Running a Successful Family Business”


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